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Wednesday, May 25News That Matters

China in Africa prompts frantic apologies from former colonizers (Full show

France and Germany have taken steps to acknowledge their role in allowing or perpetuating genocides in Africa during and after the era of European colonization thereof. They do so at a time when China is making increasingly bold and profitable overtures on the continent, and hope to prevent their former colonies from falling into Beijing’s orbit. (00:13) RT America’s Alex Mihailovich reports. Then Prof. Gerald Horne and former UKMP George Galloway join Rick Sanchez to share their insights. (4:57)

Tech giants like Microsoft, Apple and Google are fighting hard to block reforms to ensure consumers the “right to repair” their own electronics, appliances and vehicles without unnecessary obstacles designed to further enrich the companies behind these products to the detriment of the consumers who buy them. RT America’s Faran Fronczak reports. (14:00)

Plus, tobacco-smoking is on the rise around the world, killing millions of people. RT America’s Trinity Chavez has the details. (17:53)

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00:00 Full Show
00:13 AIM At Africa
04:57 Europa & Asia Colonization
14:00 The Right to Repair
17:53 Smoking on The Rise

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  • Darrell Benson

    Fuck an apology give back what you took and pay what you owe China is no ally Time these dark race people realize that they have no friends says Dr Henricke Clark

  • A

    Go China At Least they are so polite hard working!! they work as the locals in my country not as those murderers Bazungus lol

  • patrick dayton

    The Chinese government need to educate her people about Africans cultures ,people and histories before allowing to come to Africa for business and investment. If not, all the Chinese government effort of helping and improving Africans people lives will be unappreciated

  • Mentuhotep II

    We Africans don't need empty handed Western Apologies, we will accept reparations as the only acceptable form of apology for all the atrocities comitted against us and our ancestors! Europeans owe Africa > $77 trillion in stolen human resources and natural resources and we will accept full payments in Gold, Bitcoin & Tether (USDT) **No worthless fiat currency! B*tchez.

  • James Brown

    Macron is worthless. France still has 14 African countries and makes them deposit 500 BILLION DOLLARS in the French treasury. EVERY YEAR! EVERY YEAR!! EVERY YEAR!!!!

  • Dove Penrol

    Then , westerner should learn from china ..how to work together with mutual benefits ….not to use the force eventually to colonize ….so bad for westerner and usa …one side to propose human right ,the other side to destroy it ….????
    You are hypocrites

  • ctkmobambi

    🍅🍅1 billion dollars reparations for thier BS history in Africa ……is a BIG joke…..1 trillion or more……NO less…this is Africa we're talking about NOT somewhere in Europe!

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