Biden increased child tax credit payments under his American Rescue Plan. Here’s the latest on how much you’ll get and when you’ll get the payments. RELATED:

WASHINGTON – Millions of Americans with children will see more money in their bank accounts starting in July.

The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service will begin sending monthly advance payments of $250 or $300 to low- and moderate-income families under the newly expanded Child Tax Credit starting July 15.

The payments will continue on a monthly basis through December, and most eligible families will receive them via direct deposit, senior administration officials said Sunday. Families that don’t have direct deposit will receive the payment either as a paper check or a debit card.

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7 thoughts on “Child tax credit: How to know if you qualify, how much you'll get paid | Just the FAQs”
  1. 💓👍💯 Exactly the Truth is Always Clear. You Are the Winner. Period. God bless you Mr President Trump. God bless America🇺🇸

    Yes you are absolutely the winner. I know you won. Please come back and save America and the American people. Biden is a nightmare he’s destroying our country and the American spirit. We need you President Trump now more than ever. …………………

  2. That 300 will go directly to my daughter for braces, which i would still have to pay 100 month for 24 months.

  3. What about us single people with no kids in the house that get barely crap back after paying in a large chunk of their checks!?

  4. I did taxes in 18 19. I was told not to file this year will I still get the child credit?? I have two children. On 9 years old and the other just turned 15. Will I get any credit for them??

  5. What if you don’t file taxes? I am 100% disabled thru the va from the army…… and I have a 16 year old

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