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Wednesday, May 25News That Matters

Cheney: Ouster vote ‘indication of where the Republican Party is’

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) spoke to reporters on May 12 after the House Republican conference voted to oust her as conference chair. Read more: https://wapo.st/2QdbFjh. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: https://wapo.st/2QOdcqK

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  • extra solar

    its an indication where the corrupt clinton crew press are, and how desperate they are to ignore the propped up biden regimes 24 percent favorability and have to lie about to themselves to democracy while rigging censoring silencing the truth. liz represents the trump derangement syndrome wing of what the criminal clinton crew clubhouse need as some sort of spokesperson who will tell them theyre right. there as wong as joes fraudulent election authority and as fake as any of his rallys or mandela rescues. the republican party is where america is and thats what president trumps allegiance is to. you get it and so does hillary. its sad to see the domestically despised democrat press and iranian joe try to allege some 'confusion' with republicans when its 80 million certain. thats a dozen million than what joe legitimately got.

  • E Hoops

    Truly stomach-churning! Never would I have thought it would be Republicans who denounce truth & bow down to ONE corrupt, morally-bankrupt man as if he were God. I’m ashamed & disgusted that I could’ve ever associated myself & my beliefs with the members of what used to be the Republican Party. I didn’t always agree with Liz Cheney, but unlike 90% of those who call themselves Republicans, she sticks to what she truly believes even if it costs her political career & that’s honorable. There is NO honor, truth or morality with the new Trumpican party. It’s astonishing that Donald Trump of all people, could’ve conned SO MANY Americans with his record prior to becoming a candidate. Truly heart-wrenching.

  • W Whyte

    Conservatism slowly being replaced by Trumpism. Wake up Republicans, wake up from the spell of lies, wake up!!

  • olrik parlez

    300+million people are guinea-pigs for a pathological man and his fantasies of becoming an American Putin. This incarnation of the GOP is INTENT on misery. They offer nothing other at this point and I don't think they'll ever be able to.

  • MMAFighter38

    Wish your conscious regarding your support for 20 year old middle eastern wars as the result of a lie that has led to dead Americans, soldiers coming home without limbs, and having to cope with PTSD kept you up at night as much as the Capitol riot has. Good riddance, Liz


    actually the big lie was Democrats saying Trump colluded with Russia in 2016, Trump was an agent of Putin, and Russia stole the election for Donald Trump. That was the big lie. The fact is we have no way of knowing if the 2020 election was legit. We had massive mail in voter ballots with no signature verifications we have no clue if they were dead people that voted, double and triple ballots, illegal migrants, we have no clue where those ballots came from because there was no voter ID or accountability. So was the election fraudulent in 2020? No one will ever know. But I do know this fact. How did a man sitting in his basement they could not get 50 people to a rally get more votes than the most popular Democrat of all time Barry Obama? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

  • olrik parlez

    The Trump-GOP relationship was a perverse symbiotic relationship from the start; A novelty politician had his pathological, ego-starved needs seen to via his 'blame it on everyone else' fan club…and most of the GOP realized they now had an excellent opportunity to subvert a system of government they never really respected.

  • MattY PaVeMenT

    Almost every elected Republican who claims to hate Liz Cheney for principled ideological reasons agrees with her 100% on Israel.

    At the same time, every elected Republican who claims to hate Liz Cheney for principled ideological reasons agrees with her 100% on drinking water.

    Seeing Democrats heralding Liz Cheney as a hero of the Republic is just too perfect!!!

  • Kolby Kolby

    The Republican Party is now split. You will see Republican and Trumplicons. With a split party, the Democrats should have a clearer path to maintaining dominance for decades to come.

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