Beckham and runner-up Willie Spence share what it was like competing on the show, on which Beckham was crowned the winner Sunday night.

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28 thoughts on “Chayce Beckham talks winning 'American Idol' l GMA”
  1. Willie looks like he's lost weight! More power to him! On another note… GRACE WAS ROBBED! BUT… I'm glad she's not bound to a sucky AI contract. Phillip Phillips sued to get out of his. Good luck Chayce.

  2. Country sucks , its like rap , it all sounds the same . Every other music is awesome but those two genre's. Sorry people your going to hate me for saying this but this is just the way I feel.

  3. Willie will go in one Direction❤️
    Grace will do in another Direction❤️
    Chayce will go in a different Direction❤️
    It really doesn’t matter, because the three of them will be SUCCESSFUL & that’s ALL THAT MATTERS!!!

  4. Congratulations Chayce. I’ve been a fan since day 1 and predicted you would win when you auditioned. ⭐️🙏🎉

  5. I Did Predict Chayce And Willie Being In The Top 2 Finale I Guess Was Right All Along They Both Did a Great Job This is Probably The Best Finale Ever Since Laine Hardy And Alejandro Aranda Even Though I Wasn't a Fan of Alejandro Still It Was The Best Last Season I Want To see Dillion James To Win And He end up in 3rd Place I was Upset So I'm Very Happy For Chayce He's been my Favorite To Win Since I Him Audition

  6. Both humble guys. Both winners in my book and both sing so well. Grace was up there with them as well.

  7. IMO, Chayce is the best and most deserving WGWG to win since David Cook. The four winners who followed Cook were not on the same level as him or Chayce. What makes Chayce so special is that he actually has star quality in his voice and looks like a natural when he performs with or without his guitar.

  8. You know what's amazing about American Idol…..the real and lasting friendships that are formed ❤

  9. Chayce just watched this interview!!!!
    Your humility continues to shine!!!!!

  10. Luv this guy but it's worrisome that just before Idol he had substance use issues. Hope he gets all the real support he needs so the fame, fast cash flowing in, the adoration of fans or the 1st bump in the road in the next 5 years doesn't send him backwards.

  11. I don't remember who won American idol when Jennifer Hudson and Tori Kelly didn't win. They've become more successful and recognizable than the winners and so will Willie!!!

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