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Tuesday, May 24News That Matters

Burger King enters the fast food chicken sandwich war | USA TODAY

Burger King launched its new Ch’King chicken sandwich to push itself into the chicken sandwich war. How does it compare?

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It includes a hand-breaded chicken filet, pickles and a signature sauce served on a potato bun. Customers can also get a spicy version which includes a “spicy glaze,” says the fast-food chain, or a Deluxe version with lettuce and tomato.

The fast-food chain says customers who order the sandwich online or through Burger King’s app will get a free Whopper. The Ch’King offer for the free Whopper is valid until June 20.

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  • muggedinmadrid

    They all look disgusting . Eat natural seasonal food cooked in the way nature intended using fresh herbs and spices. All fast food is complete trash . Bad for your body , bad for the environment, bad all round. It is ok once in a blue moon ; but sadly a lot of people don’t have the discipline to eat infrequently and therefore they get obese and develop diabetes. It’s sad . We want our fellow human beings to be healthy and the world we live in to not be exploited .


    I don't know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money, invest some of it if you really want financial freedom .

  • Haitham Alahmad

    Of course Chick-fil-a has the best chicken sandwich. Unfortunately we don't have it in Saudi Arabia 😔. I cannot wait to go back to US to have one of those chick fil a's.

  • Jason Baker

    The bun though… The potato bun is too dry. BK would have made it hard to not pick them as the winner of the $4 chicken sandwich war if it weren't for that bun….

  • Cheyenne Craig

    Jesus Christ loves you and died on the cross for you. Give your life to him and follow him. Repent and accept him as your Lord and savior. Talk to him and cry out to him. He loves us so much more than we could ever comprehend. God bless you all.🙏❤

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