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Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

The Buffalo Bills honored the victims of a mass shooting in the city through prayer, community service and donations to help the grieving community.

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The Buffalo Bills Foundation and the NFL Foundation are teaming up to support the Buffalo community in wake of the mass shooting that left 10 people dead.

A white gunman in military gear opened fire in a local grocery store Saturday located in a historically Black neighborhood, and carried out a premeditated attack.

The foundations are donating $400,000. Buffalo Together Community Response Fund will be receiving $200,000 to address “immediate and long-term needs” in the community, “including systemic issues that have marginalized communities of color.”

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16 thoughts on “Buffalo Bills remember victims of mass shooting at Tops supermarket | USA TODAY”
  1. We can't be surprised when this happens,so joe Biden said what he said but what's next remember the Asian attacks on the parlor in Atlanta right away THEY PASSED A BILL ON ASIAN PROTECTED FROM CRIME BILL WHERE IS ARE PROTECTION BILL FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS JOE BIDEN???? see this bigger brodder picture is white nationalism the gov, the klan the law enforcement I mean their are white ppl who feel bad but very few are gonna say enough is enough is time to give black ppl what's owed to us and honestly they know they know they KNOW where they stand here it's like I hurt for you but to give y'all money and land and businesses that might one day reach ours nah we can't go as far as that but we understand soooooo we will put money in The help Black American fund first to the hbcus black scholarship programs diverse housing programs for ppl of color which mind you it's part of their money so it will go back in the long and it's just funny didn't he have on his gun here's your reparations y'all got to stop being shock and realize this is what it is !!!!??? WAKE UP

  2. This is awesome but you guys shouldn’t wait for death or destruction to touch your people. Do it once or twice a year just because…. ❤

  3. We have been dealing with THIS evil since the day we were brought here in chains at gun point.

  4. Care full bills you don't wanna loose your last 12 fans. I rooted for Josh Allen until this woke BS. Go back to being loosers. Go Sabres. Waukesha life long loosers

  5. My heart goes out to all of the victims in Waukesha, the NYC subway, Timberview HS, Sacramento, the Milwaukee Bucks game, Chicago, and everywhere else angry black men have been.

  6. Just remember all the victims of shootings in Chicago….. Oh wait not the right color of shooter.

  7. Why yall aint remember the victims and 21 people shot after the Milwaukee basketball game tho? Oh right, cause that was b lack shootin b lack

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    "…In many ways, Stagolee was not simply a "bad n*r" but a "super n*r," which is the title of a mix by Schoolly D's DJ."

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