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Tuesday, May 24News That Matters

Bradley Birkenfeld: Lucifer’s Banker UNCENSORED

Bradley Birkenfeld: Lucifer’s Banker UNCENSORED

NEW YORK (RichXSearch.com) – Bradley Birkenfeld, the world renowned whistleblower of the Lucifer’s Banker series, is introducing his fanbase to a new book called “Lucifer’s Banker UNCENSORED.” Bradley Birkenfeld, the giant who broke up the Swiss Bank Secrecy, got a record $104 million award from an Internal Revenue Service whistleblower program. Birkenfeld provided informations that led the UBS Bank to pay a $780 million fine for helping wealthy Americans hide up to $25 billion in secret bank accounts. In addition to Birkenfeld’s original story of secret offshore banking, NEW egregious revelations and evidence are presented in “Lucifer’s Banker UNCENSORED,” which directly involve: Barack ObamaJoe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, Julian Assange, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and many others. Read more here.


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