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Blue Origin launches first human flight with Jeff Bezos on board – 7/20 (FULL LIVE STREAM)

Jeff Bezos is set to blast off through the atmosphere on his company’s rocket from his remote ranch in West Texas on July 20. The Washington Post and Discovery are co-producing a special report, featuring dispatches from mission control and Smithsonian’s Air & Space museum. Tune in to watch Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket launch humans into space for the first time.

The Post’s Libby Casey and Discovery’s Chris Jacobs will co-anchor a broadcast from The Post newsroom and feature live reports from Post reporter Christian Davenport, author of “The Space Barons,” who will be in Van Horn, Tex., to report on mission control.

The show will also include interviews with astronaut Leland Melvin and Dr. Ellen Stofan, the Smithsonian’s Undersecretary for Science and Research. Additionally, a team of experts from the Smithsonian Air & Space museum will explain the rocket science to Post reporter Hannah Jewell, who will be at the museum to discuss the historical significance of July 20 as well as the new era in space discovery.


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The program will feature additional reporting from Joel Achenbach, Mary Beth Albright, Rhonda Colvin, Nicole Ellis and Jay Greene. (Editor’s note: Bezos owns The Washington Post.) Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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