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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Jan. 9 previewed upcoming negotiations in Europe aimed at preventing a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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15 thoughts on “Blinken warns Putin of ‘severe’ consequences ahead of Russia talks”
  1. I never understood why there are so many russophiles from the west , I swear they have the weirdest fetishes. Honestly I think that people who denounce their own country and side with an autocratic Russian state are pure losers.

  2. Its all about limiting Russian cheap gas imports in to Europe nothing more nothing less n more weapon sales to Ukraine as far i understand understanding..

  3. With a name such as "Blinken" it is difficult to fear this man. Very few would be scared by his threats. Moreover, modern-day Ukraine is the West's fault. Eastern parts of this former Soviet Satellite are Russian, same with the Crimean Peninsula. Crimea fell to Russia quicker than Kuwait fell to Iraq. NATO is going they way of the Warsaw Pact.

  4. Blinken “WARN ….”????? hahaha Wapo must be kidding to the whole world. The whole world KNEW that Blinken NOT in the position to talk strength. The President kneeled to a criminal, and the Secretary of State been spitted to his face in his own country by a foreigner. Wapo you make the whole world LAUGHING.

  5. Do you think that Russia would be all upset and threatening with us, if we decided to absorb a country on our borders, like Canada or Mexico? I wonder if we would even hear a peep out of Russia or Putin.

  6. So Russian troops just went into Kazakstan and started shooting the protestors with real bullets doesn't that count for anything Blinkin. He is defending the NWO new headquarters…. Is Blinkin your real name or is it a made up one like those in hollyweird do?

  7. America and NATO are on Russia's border's !!not the other way around!!the U.S government has lost its mind!,,,,the US media has been demonizing Putin for years and has provoked a cause for war on purpose,there's no way blinky and the rest of the clowns can't be that stupid,,,!they want a war with Russia!!! Ukraine is no different than the Soviet union in Cuba or Mexico or Canada!!!!!

  8. Hey Blinkin why don’t you get on the illegal aliens with some severe consequences get your nose out of business it doesn’t belong in you Twatt.

  9. Biden's gonna start WWIII to distract from his domestic failures and his complete ineptitude in dealing with anything more dangerous than a wet linoleum floor

  10. scared to death cat hisses. Just don't be jerk, don't mess with other countries, care about your borders, fool!

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