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Today we focus in on charts that have potential and then back them up with the catalyst. And we have big mergers ready to close. huge back to back contracts worth 10’s of millions , all of them with advantageous charts.

Learn about stocks, options trading, crypto, day trading and more from professional traders.

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6 thoughts on “Big Mergers/Big Contracts Makes BIG GAINS 🧙‍♂️ Zidar On Top & Hot Penny Stocks $VSACW~$SISI~$DRSHF”
  1. This is another informative insight Your DD is very valuable you need all viewers like button I try not to forget to hit a like button Are your goanna find more ticker like "CMRF???!!! LOL " I check it whenever I can if I am not working Have a great day, I envy you that you are willing to build YouTube channel warm ALOHA from Hawaii

  2. Hello John, I bought my first warrants today and yesterday watching your latest videos and news releases (USCTW; CCAIW; ADRAWS; FRLAW; WEJOW; FOXWW; BLNGW; CUENW; BYTSW; FLMEWS), and tomorrow again! I'm in it for the long haul because of the adventure even more than purely the gains. Your enthusiasm is energizing our day when we need it the most

  3. Hi, John. May I make a request please? Could you research GLYC and give us your thoughts please? I trust you because you exude integrity. GLYC is in phase 3 trials for a lukemia treatment.

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