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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

First Lady Jill Biden dismisses any concerns about her husband’s mental fitness, calling questions about Joe Biden’s capabilities ‘ridiculous’. Meanwhile, only 46% found Biden mentally fit in a recent Morning Consult Poll. Former Reagan Administration official, commentator Jeffrey Lord will weigh in on that.

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28 thoughts on ““Biden like my mom who had dementia””
  1. We all knew this and Americans still elected him President…marinate in that. If there is a more ignorant and uninformed people, please tell me who they are

  2. “Dementia and Sleepy 😴 OJT Prez Joe Biden: ‘Is there any hope for the Presidency for this wretched anti-Palestinian 🇵🇸 Zionist back stabber?” 🔯🕎💀☸️🕎☯️🕉☢️☪️✝️💀☯️☸️🔯☢️♑️♓️☦️☢️♍️♉️♓️💀

  3. I really must take exception to you all referring to people like Biden and Pelosi as "leftists" There's nothing "left" about democrats in any way, shape or form. We, who are on the left, have divorced these people long ago.

  4. They, the left keep mentioning the riot at capital hill. Have they forgotten the riot and destruction done by the left when Trump got elected or have they forgotten?

  5. Finally, 7 minutes into a 9-minute segment, we get a discussion of the issue that this entire piece was supposed to be about. I agree that Biden is suffering from dementia and that the country is actually being run by his largely nameless and faceless “handlers”. However, seven minutes of gossip about the feud between CNN and Faux News contributes nothing to informing the public about the issue of Biden’s mental health or fitness for office. It is nothing but an excuse for Malzberg to pad his resume’ as he angles for the Faux News job he’s obviously trying for.
    RT has some great guest analysts and commentators (Chris Hedges, Jesse Ventura) and equally excellent reporters (where’s Faran tonight, anyway?).

  6. In the US, the democratic system where money can buy. Just imagine that the 2020 Presidency election cost Biden 14 billion dollars. That amount is really crazy where most of the donation comes from corporate companies. In return, you can see a lot of political appointees fill up government posts without any experience. After four years of Donnie's being the great genius liar, and now the US has a dementia sleepy Joe's.

  7. I wonder where that 6by4 gallows came from??? Who put it up????? Did someone just happen to have one in their pocket?????

  8. All msm sucks but so funny that cnn wants to say fox isnt real news… lmfao… not only does cnn push a 100% false reality, but they're filled with kid fuckers <just like the cia>
    Only one solution to pedophiles. 1 bullet and 1 deep hole!

  9. Vote libertarian 💯. Reagan lost his mind too 🤦. Who cares. Dems and Reps are all bought and we live in a banana republic! Vote libertarian because your life actually does depend on it!!!

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