Friday, August 6News That Matters

Biden Ignores Iran Targets Americans

Both Iran and Cuba target female journalists, while Joe Biden directs his anger at his fellow citizens. Steve Malzberg brings you all the details.

#QuestionMore #RTAmerica #EatThePress

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  • Peter Gilkes

    Who's the presenter? What a dork! Has he heard of Navalny? Could his masters possibly be running "a disgusting country"?

  • Ian Khaw

    Rightfully said by The President himself, A Civil War is brewing at home and Americans are split in the middle. Can America still preached their ideology and hope to police the world? Please don’t waste the tax payer’s money in fighting other people / countries’ war.

  • Darth Vader

    These Americans are soo hypocritical
    .. When the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ordered the murder and desbember of Saudi journalist Jamal Kashoggi who was working in America… what they do?? nothing !!! a little noise and nothing else …. and everything like before great friends … Now to further demonize Iran they fabricate these stories to prevent a return to the nuclear deal
    .It's sickening to see this propaganda video…
    And why don't they talk about the journalist Julian Paul Assange, the Australian activist who had the courage to denounce violations committed by the military in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. So much hypocrisy these American administrations

  • Dennis A. Yap

    Century 19 belonged to Great Britain through massive wars campaign and sailing home with the plundered loots, gleefully back to home country.
    Evidence of loots?
    Look no further than what are stored up in the British museum.

    Century 20 belonged to USA also through massive wars, like the well known "Opium war" and subsequently European, Middle Eastern and South America regimes change campaign. Gleefully shipped or wired, plundered fortune through US designated "Swift" banking system.
    Evidence of appropriated loots?
    Look no further also than what are still stored up at the American museums e.g. the Smithsonian museum.
    Century 21 belongs to China.
    Economic prosperity gained without wars. No firing a single bullet?
    No war trophies at the expense of shedding the native people's blood?
    No colonialism?
    No conquest?
    How is that possible?
    China's peaceful rise in technology and economy to benefit humanity is already quick to upset BBC, Fox News, Murdoch's media and the like.
    All the anti China media outlets swear, "We must stop humanity from the indulgence of peace gained by China's rise and peaceful developments for the world!"
    "We, the militarized democratic regimes need wars, a lot of wars, to survive!"

  • phildazz

    Does this guy has any clue as per what becomes of a country and it's people after 50+ years of U.S sanctions? The Caribbean Islands are being over run by Veneszuelans because of U.S sanctions on Veneszuela, we're talking about millions of human beings.

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