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Angela Merkel shocked by 'surreal' floods devastation in Germany – BBC News

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has expressed shock at what she described as surreal destruction caused by last week’s flooding.

At least 188 people in Germany and Belgium are now known to have died in the floods.

Heavy rain is continuing to wreak havoc, with attention now shifting to parts of Austria and southern Germany.

European leaders have blamed climate change for the floods, which have also affected Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.


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  • Robi pillay

    Kalian harus rajin berdoa kepada

    Kalian juga tidak boleh menipu dan berbohong kepada 😇tuhan😇..!

    Kalian juga harus tahu dan pintar siapa 😇tuhan😇 yang maha kuasa dan maha segala galanya , karena itu adalah untuk kebaikan diri kalian sendiri 🌍..!

    Kalian harus rajin dan kuat berdoa kepada 🌍😇👑MARIA👑😇🌍..!

    Karena 🌍😇👑MARIA👑😇🌍 itu adalah 😇tuhan😇 yang maha kuasa dan maha segala galanya ..!

    🌍😇👑MARIA👑😇🌍 itu adalah awatara dari 😇tuhan😇..!

    Saya bicara yang benar dan sangat benar kepada kalian 🌍 semua..!

    Karena saya yang tahu dan saya juga sudah pernah 😇tuhan😇 sama
    MARIA di dalam mata meditasi saya sendiri dengan jelas dan terang sekali 🌍🧘‍♂️🏆..!

  • Maria Maglene

    My prayers with Germany.. 🙏

    Just that all this is already mentioned that it will happen in the HOLY BIBLE.. Read Mathew 24 and the book of Revelations..

    This is just the start before the return of LORD JESUS.. We will even have stars fall from heaven as it is already written..

    Time to get right with the LIVING GOD…

  • Giba Dias

    It may be practical or beautiful to live in a hillside, riverside or oceanfront. Now, with the increasing Global Warming Effect, the rain, landslides and flooding became more and more frequent and severe. Choosing a safer place to build or buy a home, it's not just savvy, but a matter of survival…

  • Fhgf Fhfr


  • C Montebon

    I know how devastating it is coz Im living in a flood prone area. To those who are affected Be Strong. Nothing is permanent even bad times like this. When typhoon Yolanda hit our place it took me years to get over. Things do change in just a split of a second. It was like we woke up into a different dimension. And thanks for your help, European countries❤️. Knowing that people across the globe do care is a big thing, it warms the heart. The only thing I can do is my heartfelt wishes that all will be well soon for you🙏🙏🙏

  • olivia gantalao

    We asian got used to it…but its still breaks our hearts knowing that you all suffered it too.😥😥😥God bless us all🙏🙏🙏

  • Marcelina Maraaain

    I though only In our poor Country having a poor drainage, dumping garbage anywhere that could stock up canals, we pray for those who loses someone, loss there home….

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