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All roads go through Kazakhstan — who will control them? (Full show)

Kazakhstan’s officials are reporting the return of law and order across the nation as law enforcement, aided by peacekeepers from Russia, Belarus, Tajikistan and Armenia quell the violent protests that drowned the country in chaos for days and led to dozens of deaths and the detention of several thousands. China has praised the resolve of the Kazakh government and condemned “external forces” trying to foment unrest and political instability there. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich explains Kazakhstan’s huge geopolitical importance, which include its vast mineral resources and high volume of oil exports. Then Boom Bust’s Christy Ai explains Kazakhstan’s crucial economic importance to China and the vital role it plays in Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Plus, Jeremy Kuzmarov of CovertAction Magazine joins to discuss signs of Western meddling in Kazakh politics as a way to frustrate growing Chinese and Russian influence on the world stage. (00:53)

Social media companies and television news networks “maximize outrage” by design, former Youtube CEO Eric Schmidt admitted in a recent interview. These companies believe content that angers viewers tend to increase engagements. Investigative journalist Ben Swann joins RT America’s Faran Fronczak to share his insights. (15:07)

Monsanto agreed to pay $12 million in a plea deal wherein they admitted guilt for 30 environmental crimes in Hawaii. They were called a “serial violator of federal environmental laws.” RT America’s Mollye Barrows has the details. (19:12)

Plus, RT America sports correspondent Steve Christakos joins to discuss the KHL hockey action unfolding in Eurasia. He also shows us Tony Hawk’s newest skateboarding trick. (21:18)

00:00 Full Show
00:53 Kazakhstan At Crossroads
15:07 Maximize Outrage
19:12 Pleading Guilty
21:18 KHL Action

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  • Jimmy dseeker

    I would like to urge the Khasakstan citizens to be vigilant of all western influence to destabilize their use-to-be peaceful country. Please protect your country before the west turn it to another Afghanistan.

  • Dave Psk

    All countries that the BRI passes will be under attack from multiple ways. This Khazakstan turmoil is just another. US covert operations. They are hell bent on destroying China that it doesn't matter who is in the line of fire.
    If they get to topple Khazakstan they can install a puppet government and stop BRI going through.
    US is no competitor for any business if it ain't cheating. They're not good at anything.

  • Kosh 963

    (As a Progressive) this is what I Want to See handling Protestors & Gov.-In-A-Box: Economics…

    1.) Protestors, Rioters & "Outsideforces"..
    At this Point; I don't think there enough Evidence– of Armed Gunmen, Roaming Around the streets– to Declare the start of Civil War..

    Even, tho.. The Rioting & Looting may Hurt the Kazakhstan President Feelings..

    I still consider it more of a Nuisance & Inconvenience..

    I believe 15 days in Jail would be Fair– for Rioters & 3 days– for protestors..

    Moreover, someone should Relieve much of his Concerns, with the Protestors & Rioters.. within 24hrs.

    Even, consider finding a Temporary replacement. maybe, a Hot Woman.?. but, different guy would be ok.. xD

    Plus, having 10 to 20 CSTO PK's oversee All Kazakhstan troop Deployments..

    {Also, I don't pay much consider for (name?) Old Man.. because, he's willing to Walk away & Allow somebody else deal with things.}

  • Mike C

    American social media power FaceBook and its offshoots are more or less CIA tools for regime change in countries that the US wants to install puppet governments. I'm sure south east asian countries are looking at this now and may end up following China's lead to ban FaceBook. Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam have had NED financed social disruptions recently using FaceBook as an organizing tool.

  • Juan Garagava

    It will control rusia is rusias neibors cia and pentagon they saliberin for oportunity to take over this area is not afganistan ho panama?

  • FactsMatter

    Hawaii should be returned to its rightful owners, the indigenous Hawaiians.
    First the US contaminates their water, now they poison the people with pesticides 🙄

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