#AddisonRae Responds To #BryceHall & #Saiviantha Cheating Rumors While Leaving Lunch At Crossroads 3.2.21 – TheHollywoodFix

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17 thoughts on “Addison Rae Responds To Bryce Hall & Saiviantha Cheating Rumors While Leaving Lunch At Crossroads”
  1. Everyone leave positive comments replying to this comment for addison even if she doesn't see it

  2. lmao y'all change everything real quick like addiosn did this all on purpose as a publicity stunt it was all planned she payed for the paparazzi read about on page 6 if u think i'm lying cause i am NOT lying!!

  3. Not much of an Addison fan but this guy takes being a douche to a whole new level, you continue to ask her personal questions and you made her cry;

  4. I swear she started crying.. Daaaamn you lot need to know when to stop. When she's crying, you lot still continue to ask?!? Well, then, SHIT.

  5. All of yall saying they need to chill and stop asking her questions need to realize THIS IS THEIR FUCKING JOB😂

  6. poor Addison 🙁 this is just so incredibly mean to keep on filming while you see she’s in so much pain… y’all are using her for clout at this point….

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