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Wrestling and movie star, John Cena, takes to social media to beg for forgiveness from the Chinese communist nation, after referring to Taiwan as a country. Steve Malzberg explains why he did it.

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29 thoughts on “Actor Begs China for Forgiveness Over Taiwan "Mistake"”
  1. FYI. US also does not recognize Taiwan as a country. Yet the medias make fuss about it. So hypocritical.

  2. I'll let you in for a little secret: Taiwan secretly wants to side with its Asian superpower nation China, it wants to be known as 'Chinese'.

  3. Though it looks cringe as hell
    the guy is an actor… his movie is literally opening in China as part of Vin's master plan to gouge more money out of the franchise…and a pissed of china…IS KNOWN to be highly punitive against companies and franchises who piss them off
    again…he's an actor, same with the Hulk guy….apart from adding their voice to anything…these guys have no power to affect change…why we treating them like they have

  4. The marxists came out in large numbers today to comment and shill for the “oppressive” regime. The whole world knows what the CCP is about.

  5. This silly old Steve should be with the Sky News, Fox news or CNN, not RT. RT, do you duty, it's wise thing to sack him !!!

  6. Is Taiwan a country, Steve ??? Time for you to wake up !!!! There's nothing wrong for John Cena to apologize for his mistake. I believe you are the only anchor in RT who is providing false allegations about China. Learn from your other colleagues, be neutral !!!!

  7. RT America if we want to hear fake news about Uighurs concentration camps there are CNN, Mscbc, fox news, and so many media.

  8. Everyone begs Israel for forgiveness ALL the TIME. Why does it seem silly when it is another country?

  9. Steve Malzberg stupid as he looks. Just saying these Anti-Chinese things or he really that stupid. He looks like one of those who never left the US may be he doesn't have a passport. Last several years most of the Hollywood films are either Chinese or Russian as bad guys Villans and American as saviours of the world this thing soon must change, or Hollywood movies are not going to make money worldwide especially in China. China entering most assertive part of century and their social media worriers soon put this to operation. You can see this already when they see unfair treatment, they are going to call it out and boycott or ban it all together.

  10. The Chinese? Are unreasonable about the level of respect that they want from individuals not in China. No! Get over it.

  11. He is a real man who is not afraid or shame of his mistake, which is not every American can do great job I am his fan cheers

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