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28 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: VA Walmart shooting details; Tribe's food supply fight; Ziggy Marley on picture book”
  1. What is happening in the US, is well planned by a very, very, very small group of extremely wealthy, greedy, narcissistic, globalist Englishmen.

  2. I don't want WW3 but Russia has to be stopped! Bombing hospitals and all the war crimes Putin has committed need to be answered for! Time to send in the troops that are there but officially not there!

  3. We recently bought a house well few months ago and locked in our electric and gas price too! Definitely the way to go

  4. Wtf does non binary have to do w/what the shooter did? Thts not a disease!! Thts such a weird subject to try to put into context! Was is to make it seem like the crime can't be seen as a hate crime!! Please explain

  5. Biden and the democrats don't give a damn about America or it's people. They and the media are lying to us about inflation, gas prices, crime, fentanyl flowing into our country and killing our kids. Cost of living through the roof, the invasion of our southern border, energy independence. They only care about votes. They will never fix the problem. They will leave America high and dry. Wake up people. Biden and the democrats are destroying America.

  6. As a society, we're all resposible for this.
    Think think think. As a species you have that gift. Use it well.

  7. The cause aka motivation was "isolation:" He was kicked to the curb by being "isolated" by his coworkers, so he avenged retribution for the "wrong" done to him (in his mind). Even if he had issues, genuine support and outreach to him would have gone a long way rather than isolating him (aka "cornered").

    Note that he put a gun on the forehead of a woman who had just started working 5 days earlier, and was spared. That tells me he spared her likely because she had not contributed to the "wrong" done to him that far, so she was not his tormenter, while all others were. Know the psychology, change your mentality and reach out, not just "ignore" and move on nonchalantly. "Caring" for somebody will do wonders. Otherwise, nothing can stop a free man with free will and in a rage and on a march toward revenge (aka justice in his mind for the "wrong" done to him) peace

  8. Remember God loves you♥️!
    John 3:16
    For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.
    Please repent, change your life around and live for Him🙏🙏.
    He is coming back soon😊……

  9. If my people who are called by
    My name will humble themselves
    and pray and turn from thier
    Wicked ways and seek my face.
    Then I will hear their prayers from
    Heaven forgiven thier sins and
    Heal thier land. The world has
    become so evil.Putin is killing his
    Own people and Ukrainians because
    He want to hold power .His power
    has expired.Trump's modeled his
    Leadership to Putin so he is forever
    Leader and abolish Democracy
    We will no longer have democracy
    In Trumpets leadership. If all the
    RICH People be generous and
    Help those in need we can take
    care of the poor.God's provisions
    Has been hoarded by a few because
    Of thier Greed.Concentrated on a
    Few people.These people though
    Wealthy are unhappy, even though
    They drinks go ,clubs by putting
    Band Aid to thier unhappiness.
    True happiness comes from the
    Love of God .Loving God makes
    Us loving others because our
    Cup overflows and we become
    Generous caring for others,be
    The sourse of inspiring words
    That build a person to be kinder
    And loving.God said to take care
    Of those in prison many are
    Innocents,Take care of the Widows
    And the orphans these are the poor
    In our midst.If we are blessed ask God
    how we can be a blessing to other
    and be God hand in caring for his
    Hurting people.Be good,reject evil
    In your life. Reject pornography.
    It is pure evil, thier ate so many evil man.

  10. I am a full supporter of the 2nd amendment, we need our guns, at the same time something has to give here, this can't keep happening.

  11. Too bad a customer or employee wasn't armed to take this guy down. I do armed citizen patrol at a Wal-Mart I go to daily. I stepped up my vigilance today and will continue that. There are those of us that are looking out for all you innocent people. I hope that helps to ease your concerns a little. I appeal to other armed citizens to help me out. I can't be there 24/7.

  12. Republicans have more blood on their hands, they are as much to blame as the shooters.

    People should boycott Black Friday, maybe if businesses aren’t getting the store sale numbers they’ll push Republicans into pushing actual effective gun laws.

    Days between mass shootings somewhere on Black Friday there are bound to be more mass shootings, it would be fantastic if one of these a hole shooters targeted Republican law makers, how about a CPAC convention? It doesn’t matter unless it happens to them or their loved ones. Find out where the President of NRA is going to be, take your a hole mass shooting event to him.

  13. I would think the last person the employees thought would come shoot them was their manager. This is so weird. I can hardly imagine this. I worked 10 years at a Rite Aid and my manager was a fair and genuinely nice person with integrity. I find this just mind-boggling.

  14. Anyone who works for Walmart now or in the past very well knows they treat the workers as slaves, they make you sign a paper everyday to make sure if you get hurt or killed you or family member won't start a lawsuit on them. They made this guy a manager when they were aware of his mental state of mind and they pushed him over the top because of horrible working rules and conditions. Biden who continues to make excuses about gun control won't due anything to stop Walmart from abusing their workers because he received billions of dollars from Walmart when he ran for President.

  15. Walmart was
    B on B
    all worked there
    Pistol was used
    So narrative not met
    Club Q Shooting
    Suspect non Binary
    again narrative not met

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