Wednesday, October 20News That Matters

ABC News Prime: Supply chain nightmare; Deadly bow and arrow attack; Conversation with David Grohl


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  • KamalaHaris

    Shout out to George Floyd on eighteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals🖕

  • TheJimprez

    What? Not enough guns laying around??? What is next? Frog-Poison darts from a Sarbacane? Maybe a nice morning star head-bashing?
    Its either too much isolation, to much crazy or just the end of our modern life. But something WEIRD is happening around us…

  • stephen walker

    Well let’s see, incentivize people not to work, don’t clear the undergrowth with prisoners, Live and be free to kill your baby, total disaster, let’s go Brandon

  • Gary V

    As long as our Corrupt Politicians like senile Biden & sick son Hunter & crazy Pelosi are taking big $$$ bribes from Elites like Big Pharma, Wall Street, Big Tech, Lobbyists & Fake News, and have immunity from law, we will personally continue to suffer and die needlessly… So be damn CAREFUL who you VOTE for!

  • fun_fact

    "More than 22% of the jobs at railroads Union Pacific, CSX and Norfolk Southern have been eliminated since 2017, when CSX implemented a cost-cutting system called Precision Scheduled Railroading that most other U.S. railroads later copied. BNSF, the largest U.S. railroad and the only one that hasn’t expressly adopted that model, has still made staff cuts to improve efficiency and remain competitive…"

  • Joseph McKenzie

    Hmmm. Sign an executive order that mandates that any company with over 100 employees be vaccinated or terminated, then step in to try and fix the shortage of workers that occurred when 4.3 workers were terminated, because the supply chain has collapsed.🤔 I’m Brandon. I’m from the government and I’m here to help. Let’s go Brandon!!!

  • -45- M

    You know what I hear when I hear countless women b** and complain and talk about how it's their body and they can do what they want . I often think about what my mother would have done if she would have had an abortion instead of giving me up for adoption. I wouldn't be here right now, thank you so much for giving me that choice. To LIVE and BREATH 💯..

  • over easy

    Demented Joe announced today that his executive order put in place back in February was implemented so things would run much smoother, concerning the supply chain. I never EVER waited 3 months for parts when DJT was in office. Why did Joe mess things up ?

  • Jenny lane

    4 months that human being is nearly half way of development rip it out just cause might as well have the baby and give it for adoption like bitch u are so sick

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