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ABC News Prime: Race to vaccinate; Extreme western weather amid drought; Richard Sherman arrested


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  • Denise Skinner

    CEASE & DESIST Nuremberg Trials 2.0 have begun. Everyone promoting, mandating, administering, delivering… this US Military's bioweapon will be executed for crimes against humanity.

  • Vicky Lynn Leo Graham

    So keep twisting all trumps words. That's why you always blame and attract trump to take the focus on what's going on in Washington.

  • Vicky Lynn Leo Graham

    But NASA says the oceans are up 2 to 4 feet. Why don't you interview NASA. Between a heat bomb coming through the universe hitting our world. And oceans rising to bring floods.

  • John Silva

    Jesus is coming maranatha maranatha maranatha maranatha maranatha maranatha maranatha maranatha maranatha maranatha hallelujah. Get the shot of salvation of Jesus Christ amen.

  • James Timmons

    Push it why push the issue I saw determined why don't you go door the door like u said or is ppl being forced to take it. There's alot that they aren't telling us

  • Lora Lee

    What happens when a person becomes senile or unstable? They’ll be able to actuate irrational and possibly violent physical activity.

  • Torhilde Bagley

    My favorite part is the surgeon general telling everyone they need to be responsible and get the vaccine, but the government and medical companies don’t want to be responsible enough to be held liable for any side effects that occur. Nice.

  • Opt4Heaven Hearts4thehomeless

    *I believe in vaccine use and freedom. “My Body, My Choice” quoted by millions for abortion and SAME ppl then quote “your body, not your choice” for RNA Cou vaxzxxx

  • Jon316

    damm liars , all of you at ABC . . mRNA is a dangerous drug , its not a vaccine . .it is mRNA therapy . . .who decided to make this gene therapy a vaccine ? NOPE

  • Greg Cooper

    Does anyone else find it odd that Biden along with Harris are letting sick people over the Border then fly them all over the Nation during the night, kind of seems like he is wanting everyone to get sick so he can shut the Nation down again!!! Open your eyes to what the Democrats are doing people!!! Now they are saying the masks may come back…….America was recovering, this all seems like a big plan to me!!!

  • Joanne Stoll

    Didn't the former President DO a Coup? He told his people to go down to the White House to fight and he would be right with them! Where was he? Isn't that on TV?

  • You're voice

    Repent do what is right by the most high people the negro is the true descendants of Jacob, call your senators and kings etc and have them do what is right by my people

  • Jeff Spicoli

    “No scientist ever believes that he has the final answer or the ultimate truth on anything.”
    — Carroll Quigley

  • The Watchman

    How doth the city sit solitary, That was full of people! How is she become as a widow! She that was great among the nations, And princess among the provinces, How is she become tributary!

    Lamentations 1:1 KJV

  • Kathy Coelho

    I am one of those who are spoken of that I mistrust the science. I just read today that actually 50,000 plus have died from the vaccine. Please speak the whole truth and then perhaps the "ME's" will listen. I'm in no way a conspiracy theorist, just afraid of this experiential vaccine that was created before it is even known if the virus is man made vs. natural.

  • believe 777

    Matt Hancock needs to be investigated for ordering excessive amounts of the drug Midazolam in the spring of 2020 for nursing homes many patients died and were written off as covid at that time no visitors were allowed this is very serious

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