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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

#gaza #vaccine #covid19 #ABCNews

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15 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: Israel-Hamas ceasefire; Hate crimes bill becomes law; Prince William's statement”
  1. Hamas is not a terrorist group; this is a misconception. They are freedom fighters exactly like American revolutionaries who fought against brutal colonial occupying British forces! They only difference is that they are Muslim! This is another form of Islamophobia!

  2. It's interesting that President Biden is so quiet in manner and in speech that one wonders if he's taking into consideration too many advisors view who may derail his own judgement. Was he trying too hard, being too compromising, in an attempt for Bipartisan support at the cost of getting nothing done?
    Well so far anyway, he has managed to get a whole lot accomplished. Over 70% of the US now has at least a good immunity to Covid-19 with at least partial vaccination. He's working with States to get at least 70% of the population FULLY vaccinated by July. As the age eligibility continues to be lowered and new incentives cropping up, I think we'll make that goal.
    Though I feel we will ultimately be required to have positive ID identification, because there are too many incentives for the unvaccinated to lie. And because these are precisely the same people who fought the simple precautions of wearing masks and social distancing. As a group they have not shown a desire to be part of the solution to ending the Pandemic responsibly or to protect themselves and their communities. Most have claimed they will not get the vaccine. To get into a bar or ballgame simply by lying that they did actually get the shots, would never reach any moral standards of honesty they might have had, that could influence them to tell the truth and be refused admittance.
    We had a huge Recovery Package work it's way through the House and the Senate to bring relief to millions of Americans hit the hardest by the Virus and its associated restrictions, WITHOUT ANY SUPPORT FROM REPUBLICAN IN CONGRESS. By using Reconciliation, the people got what they wanted. What they needed, without any support of their Elected Officials who refused to server their own constituents those who elected them. These citizens better remember that when they vote next.
    President Biden will get passed some form of Infrastructure Bill, what it will look like after McConnell has stated his only priority is to prevent any bills coming through the Senate that Biden supports. Republicans are nothing but dead rotting speed bumps on the US attempts at healing and improving the personal lives and economies of working class Americans. Reconciliation is the only way forward, yet President Biden keeps the door open to Republicans who wish to participate in good faith for building back our Country even better than before. More living wage jobs, better education in the opening up of of the new field of renewable energy.
    We've just barely survived an Administration that seemed to be constantly doing damage control over their Commander in Chief, who was overly influenced by the last person who had his ear and only allowed "Yes men" to be near him. Conman antics with over dramatizing EVERYTHING he wanted as the VERY BEST and EVERYTHING that challenged him as a conspiracy against him. A hoax. A witch hunt. All from his ENEMIES who were "out to get him with 'FAKE' news. Every Greatest thing he planned was only two weeks away. Two weeks that never passed…All the while he was monitoring carefully those who worked for him. On wrong slight, and the Immanently Important Official of yesterday, quickly someone who the EX-President hardly knows and he's so disappointed in him.
    Now if that Former.President would step away from Politics. Concede he started the "Big Lie that he won. That he in Reality Lost. And the Elections were proven over and over in Courts to be honest and the trustworthy source for the Election results. Our system works."
    Then SHUT HIS MOUTH. Let the Republican Party be released from the strangled hold he has over too many of them in Leadership roles in Congress. America will never allow Trump to become the Authoritarian Life Appointed President he is imagining. As of now Trump has ruined the reputations of most of the Republicans in Washington DC.
    He can not take it over in any meaningful way seeking US Leadership again, their are still some who refuse to be bullied into submission. Republican voters will never support en mass Republican candidates like Greene, Cruz, Gaitz, or the rest of the crazy "Q" idolizers. Trump just go away. You are an unwanted and disruptive annoyance to those who in Congress and the White House who want to work for and serve the people.
    Seems President Biden's methods do bring results. Ceasefire in Israel the day after multiple talks between the leaders has influenced it. Much more than arm waving demands and "I'm so GREAT speeches. Who knew? Bye trump, you are so yesterday. Still cleaning up the mess you made, and you will be held accountable. But you are NOT moving forward toward anything other than your constant idecline as your time here dwindles away. I do hope you live long enough to do prison time. It would do wonders for your soul.
    Those who so faithfully followed you will be reaping their own rewards with ruined lives and careers, with charges of corruption under your orders. They will pay dearly. But that stirs no loyalty in you toward them, as they ALL will soon experience. But you still hold the ultimate responsibility for all your corruption, lies and crimes. Justice is coming for you. And She will crush you under the weight of your tresspsses.

  3. Totally random, but has anyone ever noticed how Chicago's mayor Lori Lightfoot looks just like the demon from The Conjuring? Seriously look it up 😱

  4. That Beautiful older American Asian woman is so much stronger than her attacker and the cowardly men who literally closed the door on her need for help. This is why it is said, "The meek shall inherit the World."
    People, like her, inspire the goodness and perseverance in us, to never give up or give in. She prayed for him, because it was all she could do. But she knows it is a powerful tool in her own healing. In return she has received the real love and admiration from the public, that a paranoid, delusional, self-serving, hate monger, like trump will never have.


  6. 🌞Здравствуйте ! Я конечно же понимаю, что не здесь об этом говорить, но все-же.Все способы испробованы и нет вариантов.
    Зовут меня Дмитрий, уверен 2-3 минуты вашего драгоценного внимания вас никак обременять новые узнайте правдивую историю которую не покажут по телевизору, что творят власти с пенсионерами. Моя история -это можно сказать крик души,с которой мне ни как не справиться без помощи! Интересно не будет, а будет ЖЕСТЬ ! Я служил России и немного сейчас расскажу о службе в РВиАртилерии, ОРо Морской Пехоты СФ Мурманская и обл., подводные силы стратегического назначения Северного ФЛОТА РФ. Последнее место службы атомный подводный крейсер стратегического назначения"Юрий Долгорукий", проект 955., АПК 4 покален я "БАРЕЙ". Участвовал в успешных испытаниях ракет "Булава".
    Сокращаю историю на сколько ВОЗМОЖНО!
    И так, начну. Я военный пенсионер, пенсионное дело МД – 60139, ст. мичман запаса, 23 года выслуги !
    В 2005 г. придумали военную ипотеку. Раньше военнослужащие, отслужившие более 20 лет получали сертификаты на жилье сразу после выхода на пенсию. Я попадал под сертификат, но в связи с этим нововведением часть военнослужащих в приказном порядке заставили написать раппорта для того, чтобы они стали участниками ипотеки, этой проклятой. Я был в их числе!!
    За время прохождения службы в районе Крайнего Севера, в тяжёлых условиях, я заболел, появились хронические заболевания несовместимые со службой.
    В 2016 г. Я был отправлен на пенсию.
    Квартиру в которой я проживал ещё до службы во время служы пришлось ослужебить, а для того, чтобы вступить в права ипотечной квартиры служебное жилье нужно было сдать.
    Все карты периодически блокируются, а не редко с переодичносью 2-3 раза в год с тех 50% пенсии судебные приставы частично, а порой и полностью переводят деньги, создавая тем самым мне неудобства, так как на них я писал жалобы
    В следствии пропусков платежей наша несчастная однушка 28м° была продана с молотка в мае 2019г.
    Жилье купил вместе с прописанными мной супругой и двумя детьми некий
    Меридонов Валера. Он разного рода действиями вынудил нас пока идёт судебное разбирательство, по выписке из жилья платить не только коммуналку, но и аренду , т. к. он стал СОБСТВЕННИКОМ и вся пенсия уходила ему. Я по началу отказался и не стал платить, а он ВСКРЫЛ дверь поставил свой замок! И все это при нас на глазах детей, менты по вызову даже не приехали, и видя свою ненаказанность, эта сука отрезал подводку воды, угрожая снять унитаз и т. д. Он вынудил всё-таки платить! Пришлось влазить в долги и все пенсию отдавать ему, что бы спокойно жить, теперь уже в его квартире!
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  7. I guess since Ramadan Israel Killing Spree is over with. Until they want to start ir up again

  8. America getting up in arms about the mistreatment of Muslims overseas is something else….
    History repeat itself too much .


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