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ABC News Prime: Haitian Pres. assassinated; Surfside search becomes recovery; Sperm count decline

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  • Torangene

    1:10 We pray for Missouri 💖🙏💖

    Yesterday Missouri had the highest number of new cases after California.

    Unfortunately in Missouri, only 39 % of the population are fully vaccinated.

    This is below the average in the country and this might be one of the reasons why we see another surge there.

  • Super Star

    Police lie all the time to cover up their mistreatment of someone. IF SHE WAS SUICIDAL… HANDCUFF HER and call a mental health counselor! You didn't have to strip her! THAT IS INSANITY!!!! Where is the video to prove she was trying to harm herself??? WHERE???? FU#KING LIARS!!!! They wouldn't have done that to someone WHITE!!!!

  • Enigma Sauce

    This assignation was NOT performed by Haitian hands. This was Not the work of thugs nor gangs as the Media insinuates and protrays, gangs nor thugs have not the capability to perform the operation we witnessed in the video footage. This was a covert operations by the powers that be. Why? Why all the trouble for that pile of rubble, Haiti? Well how else do I get that diamond in the rough? I Convince the world its just a pile of rocks, with ants. The real powers that be at work. Sprinkle in negetive public conception, a little constructed political chaos, and division for taste. And it's swoop in for the pickings…. In short the devil's work, not even the biblical devil…but the true real devil's of this world, in humanly form…hold that thought..reflect on it. Anyways, this is a story about gold, oil, rare minerals and how to rob a nation covertly yet in plain site.


    I'm getting tired of hearing about vaccines you could have an appointment at a doctor's office to get the vaccine and he can't make it to a doctor's office then you don't get it I wouldn't mind taking it I have no way there to get it. And the town I live in there's three zip codes and for every zip code you cross the cab company's attack on an extra 20 bucks even though he might be going 2 miles. Saw a trip to my doctor's office would be $42 one way so $84 to go from my house to the doctor's office which is roughly four and a half miles from where I live. And what's my vehicle being down and in pieces in my driveway and because it's a diesel and most of the parts that I have to take and remove to get to the problem or one time use I've got to order hundreds of dollars worth of f**** one time use parts to fix my truck. But that being sad until I can fix my truck I can't get to a bank and get cash. So I can't pay for a cab because the cabs in my area want cash. When can I order the vaccine in the mail and then dose myself cuz I don't see a doctor coming and making house costs or nurse and anytime in the next 50 years I think doctors will make house calls when we have flying cars and live in high-rise super cities kind of like fifth Element or judge dredd

  • The Observer Melanin

    Inside job, where was his security and he should have had plenty of weapons in his bedroom and home.

  • Duanne Luckow


    “Nothing has more degrees of freedom than reality.” — Elon Musk tweeted on July 3 in response to a fan anxiously awaiting the most recent Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta update. “Didn’t expect [full-self driving] to be so hard,” he wrote in the tweet. “But the difficulty is obvious in retrospect.”

  • Reynaldo Gonzales

    Aquarius heat the water so they can have something in the water to talk about or not you make the decision

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