Saturday, January 29News That Matters

ABC News Prime: COVID cases surge in US; Travel mess amid staffing, weather; 5 killed in CO shooting


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  • Omaha Patrick A. Bullock

    Corporate America is recommending this 5 Day isolation. Don't believe it, they just want you back to work and don't give a damn about any Covid. They don't care about anything but the bottom dollar.

  • daniel desimonedanny

    Covid surge!!! And President is easing flight restrictions?? Cutting quarantine time?? Who's running the Country Pharmaceutical companies????

  • Sounds of the Elect

    So I haven't been vaccinated for the past 2 years…neither has my family. I don't see us ever taking the poison. At what point are we suppose to catch Covid and die? I have young children as well…I just want to make sure my will is in place.

  • Luke, Jen Majewski

    The person who made the report clearly lieing because she simply wanted to inspire a quick response should be held partially responsible. She knew the potential danger in embellishing the reality of the situation but lied anyway because she felt it was in her best interest to do so

  • Lady & Genn

    Wow that man didn't mean to kill those people with that truck he's definitely innocent they need to sue and fight the owners of the company that gave him the truck to work with 🤦🏾‍♀️ smh I think this has something to do with racist people that don't care about some citizens rights!

  • Potter Charles

    Wow, the news really has become the enemy of the people. C'mon man. Read the room. You all are beating this Covid Horse to death. Nobody believes you anymore, and certainly don't care. I'm so very sick of this b.s. . When the media works with the government, we now are living under authoritarian rule. The media is no longer a watchdog for The People, as it was before the WTC Attack. Yet all the media attacked Trump, and you all claimed he was an authoritarian. Here is Biden turning into a dictator, using the news for his own agenda, as Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and Mao Zedong has done.

  • Troy Aldridge

    looks like a grown up episode of.sesame street omicrad.omg wear.a mask lmao the mask didn't stop anything up till now fucking let it run its coarse already.and things will be back to normal

  • Robert Shrewsbury

    This Covid political menstruum has for a long time gone too far. I had the Hong Kong Flu in 68 and yes I was very ill and 4 million people died with it, but the government left them/us alone to die with some dignity and the rest of us did just fine. We do not need our government to change our diapers for us or micromanage us like little children! Maybe Bidon needs a Psychiatrist or a lipotomy?

  • Ramphul Arved

    Alexi navalni is nothing but a.puppet of the United States 🇺🇸. Russia must blow all the military installations of NATO. My message to the Russian president. There is no military capability parallel to Russia.A word to the wise.

  • Adjunct Prof Colleen B Kelly - Retired

    Australians have enough class to learn how to pronounce your city's names. For a major news network not able to pronounce one of the world's largest cities "Melbourne"…is, quite frankly, evidence of the American "education" system (or lack thereof). #Embarrasing

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