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Wednesday, May 25News That Matters

ABC News Prime: Colonial Pipeline restarts operations; Rep. Cheney ousted from GOP leadership

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  • Unity Ra

    HA! The one guy in video says “Get the Shot! Doesn’t hurt!” Just because you can’t feel something hurting you doesn’t mean it isn’t. Just take SUGAR & ALCOHOL consumption. You can’t feel sugar rotting your teeth. You can’t feel sugar giving you diabetes. You can’t feel sugar feeding cancer cells. There are so many examples where you can’t feel your becoming damaged. He’s wrong to make that statement with the careless attitude that it’s cool to get the shot. 5 people in class reported severe pain to our class after taking the shot. That’s a high percentage of people to say so out of 22 classmates. Women are reporting changes to their female cycles. I read a post of a woman saying her boyfriend lied to her about getting the vaccine and then shed the vaccine inside her during intercourse and afterwards she had a bad period early completely abnormal to her normal cycles.

  • Darrell Hooker

    And in the end they will cry out for peace but peace they shall not find don't forget everybody the meek shall inherit the earth that's what your Bible says but it contradicts itself throughout the whole thing so you're probably s*** out of luck on your God

  • Darrell Hooker

    Has anybody noticed that Israel as using the same kind of SUVs that are cops do New World Order vehicles

  • Darrell Hooker

    What happened to Americans having a mind of Their Own nothing but the TV in the radio telling what to do how to believe what to wear when 2 piss when to fart when to eat damn we must be a bunch of dumbasses we have to be told what to do and how to do it because this country has no common sense anymore maybe it really never had much to begin with it's like being a brain surgeon but crosses the street and doesn't look both ways and gets hit by a car and is killed duh you brag about being Americans but you cross the street and didn't look both ways

  • lizabeth Kaid

    Zionists give the palestine's their land back . Not only have you stolen their land yet you are killing and hiding the truth. Palestine's aren't even allowed to tell their side of the story because if they try to they will get killed. But truly God is great and karma will get every unjust on this earth.

  • Darrell Hooker

    Even this gas thing and Russia could be nothing but a false flag this could be our own government making it to where we spend a lot more money on gas and a short time because the rich people in Washington need more money they are always trying to keep the people in fear of some sort or another America is not so free wait a minute how much money do you have LOL LOL

  • Darrell Hooker

    White man came across the sea he brought us pain and misery and even to this day he is doing the same thing

  • Darrell Hooker

    Haven't you noticed that the police are a lot like the government they pick on the weak I bet they don't go after Russia it will get swept under the rug I bet we never do nothing to China or India or any of the other countries that have nuclear weapons this government that it's cops only pic on the weak nothing but cowards

  • Skyye LALIMIT

    You are a fool if you believe something can worsen , but not get better….let’s stay in the right side of history

  • Skyye LALIMIT

    People, we need to start getting along….while we’re fighting , all the rich powerful people are laughing in their mansions /islands

  • Darrell Hooker

    To see if there's bamboo in the paper what a bunch of silly bastards bamboo grows all over the world California Florida to coastline LOL LOL half this country are stupid idiots I'm glad they showed their face now that this is all over with and I can recognize them foolish people the same ones that laughed at Noah when he was building the ark until it started to rain

  • Darrell Hooker

    Maybe we should just get rid of the GOP altogether do you mean to tell me that half of Washington DC still believes that Trump is president no Wonder they're hacking our gas they know our government isn't paying attention to anything but stupid lies and dumb s*** what an opportunity and they took it it's apparent to me that we have a bunch of old used car salesman in Congress and a bunch of old biddies it's time to clean this government up everybody

  • Patricia Gregory

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  • BANKO007

    The GOP are not saying anything about changing the result. But ABC does not report "the Secretary of State's lies" as they do about Trump. The US media is comprehensively third world standard.

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