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ABC News Live: At least 60 dead in Surfside as rescue effort shifts to recovery

Plus, journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones speaks out about her battle over tenure and her decision to take a job at Howard University.

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    Imagine you that last survivor in the rumble waiting rescue
    Than hear the rest the building coming down on you😂🤣

  • Tina Bean

    Naya had her mother’s eyes. Such a terrible loss for the whole world, but especially for her family & baby boy. It is beautiful to know that she lives on through him.

  • Tina Bean

    Tragic. I do hope that the state, and even country revisits the maintenance requirements for large structures like this especially. It is incredibly unfair that these people couldn’t have some semblance of safety in their own homes. With every other danger we face on this planet, stability of structures with the technology we have now should not be one of them. This was senseless.

  • Tina tankersley / robinson

    People wake up this was not mother nature we saw flashes just before the building went down.. we know the truth we know that the mayor and the governor are trying to build a Mecca industry of high-rise buildings for the elite in Miami they don't care about people or the beaches they have been planning this for months they did not care that this was a so-called section 8 Jewish community it's all about money and greed wake up people wake up this was no act of God this is no act of mother nature this was not from water or sand or a sinkhole or cracks… We know the truth we know what you evil doers are up to we are not stupid. We saw the flashes you cannot lie to us or fool us.

  • I. T. C. Paranormal Special ghost person

    60? Ahw it's going to be more, sad God bless those who are putting there self in dang.

  • John Shaw

    These reports are goddamned, big-time lies. The causes of the disaster
    were willful negligence, indifference to human life, and greed. All this
    focusing on cracks in concrete is to distract you from the facts. The
    facts are they knew about it three years ago, and they did nothing about
    it. Knowing and doing nothing to prevent the catastrophe is criminal.
    Of course, in this insane country, they will try to sweep that aside and
    focus on material failures that were already known years in advance. In
    China those responsible would be imprisoned or executed. In the US they
    would probably be promoted.

  • AlphakappaY

    I have officially sought trauma counseling over this building colapse. All those innocent people had no chance. That building came down in a freefall. Their blood is in the hands of the building owners and the city elected officials. I'm reeling.

  • Katniss The cat

    Silly news woman .. people would love to have a few things to remember their loved ones . There may be items passed down in families that would mean a lot to the family

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