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Tuesday, May 24News That Matters

A father is accused, then cleared, of the murder of his 3-year-old daughter | Nightline

Riley Fox’s body was found floating in a creek a few miles from her Illinois home in June 2004. Her father Kevin Fox was charged with her murder before DNA evidence proved his innocence.


ALSO AVAILABLE ON HULU: https://hulu.tv/2wSmSrZ

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  • Centrist Philosopher

    I can't think of a worse nightmare – to lose your child and then be falsely accused of her murder

  • Mary Star

    Thank goodness for his lawyer! Imagine how many are falsley accused and have some over worked, inexperienced court appointed lawyer?
    These overzealous investigators have no conscious, they completely ignored looking into getting the DNA evidence tested.
    The good news is that there is plenty of DNA evidence and I do believe the real killer will eventually be caught.

  • Mark Miller

    Kevin doesn't look like he would do something like this. Looks like cops are trying to pin it on anyone.

  • The Machine 3001

    Theres lots of people accused of crimes and murders and are innocent. Free all the innocent people all over the world in all jails.

  • HeroJeannaBomb

    I'm watching this one on Hulu right now and it is literally Breaking My Heart, will we ever demand harsher punishments for anyone who does this to a child, we should take them out back and shoot them in the head maybe then people will stop hurting and killing children… anyone who does this to a child does not deserve to live…and its obvious dad is innocent…look at him you can see he is hurting bad so for them to blame him is criminal I'm sure he blames himself enough

  • Myz KennyMac

    Wow this is sad. I don't know if I could confess to something like that if I were innocent but unless you've been in a person's shoe, you don't judge.

  • Fabled Creature

    All Americans should be taught of this brainwashing technique, and know that if the police or FBI question you, GET A LAWYER. DON'T SAY A WORD.
    Prosecutors want convictions. Rightly so. But their career is affected by wins. So they can forget they are in this for justice… NOT notches on their belt of wins.
    Integrity isn't the overriding principle anymore among so many of our leaders with power over us.
    We have to wake up, and get involved with all our might. And pay attention to who is being elevated in power, and use your voice and your vote, NEVER sit one out. We can't afford to anymore. Too many wolves and snakes seek power over us. Then we're screwed.
    Call your senators and reps
    Email your senators and reps
    Put them in your contacts.
    If we don't win the fight this way, they will come for us with war.
    They love a reason to start a war. Bullies love a show of force. Bullies love stepping on your neck, holding you down.
    It's a rush.
    Too many bullies out there in power.
    What's so sad here, is they knew he was innocent.
    He passed the lie detector.
    No murderer would've stayed there 14 hours. But jurors don't give you credit for time served in the little interrogation room. Don't do it.

  • No Body

    I got married in this town. It is a SMALL town and wow. I hadn't heard about this. I fished in that creek. Rest in peace little angel

  • Mother Knows Best

    I’m sorry but burning door or not, you couldn’t get me to spit out the words that I caused my beloved child’s death & I would rather fight tooth & nail to prove my innocence so that the cops will ultimately have to do all they can to prove I did, which would hopefully help find the real killer!!! You just cannot let your child’s killer go free out of being scared!! I get it though facing life in jail is very scary! It’s happened to me for a crime I did not commit,nor witness whom really actually done it. Very scary to keep defending yourself & feel helpless, I ended up taking a deal too,but honestly if this involved my child I would’ve gladly stayed fighting!! To be forced to cope with your child’s death in jail then a dna test proves she was raped as well. Omg! I can’t imagine any feeling being worse than this!!! No the killer must be found & pay to the fullest extent!!!

  • C S

    When I hear these stories about what cops do to the parents after it makes me think a group of cops did the crimes. Thats why the killer is never caught

  • Christina M. Cayton

    I love how you can go to jail for lying to the police but they can lie to you about EVERYTHING! 😡

  • Heather Mefford

    What an incredibly sloppy “investigation” that the cops initially conducted.

    An absolutely heartbreaking story of loss… 💔

  • Jasmine Jones

    Tsk tsk all that time and energy they put into trying to convict the father could've been spent on finding the killer It's despicable !

  • an ukit

    i have been an avid consumer of the news (tv and broadsheet publications) for past twenty years, and i can't recall a single instance when someone alluded to a non-white person as "all american."

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