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Police are working to get more clues after a gunman shot six Walmart employees in Virginia before taking his own life.



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10 thoughts on “6 killed in Walmart shooting”
  1. we have so many killing sprees occurred – after January 6 insurrection. I can’t help but thinking that what happened at the capital gives a tempo that people can do -shooting at people is okay because Trump sent people there and he get away with it!!!!! why can they !!!!

  2. To our government officials, Mr. President, senators, congressmen and the rest…. Please put all your efforts, money and energy into this country’s elevating problems… Gun violences, homeless, drug abuses, inequality etc. Instead of putting your efforts and money on other countries’ problem. We elected you to take care of this country not others.

  3. Getting beyond crazy. They mandate the use of seatbelt because statistics show it saves lives. Soon everyone will be required to vest up with bullet proof attire. 600 mass shooting in just this year. Wonder what the numbers were 10 or 20 years ago. Mass shootings is like a disease and it's spreading like fire…

  4. When will it stopppppppppp 😢 no other county has this type of issue. Makes me nervous to send my 16 year old to college soon. For the love of god can we change gun violence where both parties agree. They don’t care unless it’s their child, for the love of god!

  5. ABC News if you really care about what happened STOP POSTING THE PHOTO OF THE SHOOTER in multiple videos! There is no moral point in doing so since he is not only caught but dead! It only glamorizes him!

  6. The grace and peace be with you from the lord your our father and his son Jesus Christ thank you, but how many of you know about the good news repent and believe in the gospel because the kingdom of heaven is at hand and crack your word the Bible and continue blessing you! Matthew 6:9-15-27-33-34
    Mark 9:1-40-42-43-45-47-48-49-50
    John 5:19-22-24-27-28-29-37-47 Luke 6:20-28-35-36-37-38-39-40-42-44-46-47-48-49 Acts 2:38-39 7:53-55-60 Romans 10:9-10 1Corinthians 15:47-58 Ephesians 6:11-12

  7. It is the US Congress' fault, that people in the States have to put up with all the mass-shootings. It makes me so sad, that people in the USA have to endure these atrocities. For the US Congress the NRA is like a god who is more important, than the security of the people, that is why the Congress does not legislate for the securtity of the people; what a shame! – How can you live with that and just go on with your lives? These state of things in the USA are heartbreaking, people don't deserve that! – And the people don't even have the possibility of a petition for a referendum on the federal level, this is unbearable. Meanwhile the representatives in the Congress squabble with each other, the NRA is lobbying and the gun-trafficking across the States goes on. Thoughts and prayers are simply not enough but all you get from the US Congress.

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