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Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Two people were in critical condition but as of the news conference at 4 a.m. local time, no one had died, interim Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon said.
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The shooter or shooters remain at large, and detectives were working rapidly to view an array of video gathered by bystanders and other cameras near the scene to identify any suspects. Authorities say the shooter appears to have fired randomly.

Among the 13 people injured, 11 were in stable condition and two were in critical condition.

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30 thoughts on “13 injured in shooting at popular entertainment district in Austin, Texas | USA TODAY”
  1. I remember visiting Austin around 2010/2011 during both summers. 6th street was amazing at that time. Drink specials, late night pizza windows, Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz theater. The bars would be pack, but not crazy packed. And they were a few college douches here and there, but still plenty of cool interesting people. I got drunk several times, and had an amazing time! But most of all, I felt safe, not in danger in anyway. I feel like I visited Austin at a good time, when the scene was still chill. Were it was popular, but not TOO popular, when the bars were still fun. Before the frat douche bags took over… I haven’t been back since. And I heard the area got worse. To the point where locals don’t even like going there anymore. Too many tourists and college douche bags. There would be bar fights every weekend. It sucked to see this magical utopian college town that I once remembered fondly, is no more. And I feel this incident officially kills it for everyone.

  2. More guns coming to a Texan near you! Can you imagine what would have happened if they were all armed?
    Wait for it.

  3. Isn’t Austin pushing for stricter gun control and possibly defunding law enforcement? When only the outlaws are armed it gets ugly. Prayers for all those affected.

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  5. And not a single suspect description… almost as if they are protecting the thugs based on skin color… but that would be … racist

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  7. you can thank democrats for these shootings and criminals crossing our borders! this is how democrats operate!

  8. The media getting lazier and lazier. Just scribbling words across the screen instead of having an anchor giving the entire news. This generation of media is incompetent.

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  11. Still trying to figure out why these sceneries keep repeating itself and no measure has been taken to put an end to it

  12. What is the deal with people wanting to be a mass shooter these days 🤷🏽….I don't get it 🤦🏽….Stop Already!!!!!

  13. These are just Psy ops folks. All staged. No one hurt no one shot. just fake media frenzy propaganda BS

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